Tasting Coffee in Vancouver at Faubourg

Today we did our first Tasting Coffee in Vancouver.
We found a cute French cafe that we wanted to try out on
Robson and Homer called Faubourg.
The location is central right across from the Art Gallery,
and the train station is close by.

We were surprised at how open and spacious the cafe was.
They had a lot of seating areas inside, and a nice balcony with seating outside.
Chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling, and with the marble tables, it gave the place a modern and romantic look.
The black and white pictures added an old fashion feel.
We saw friends having coffee and business people having meetings.


Julia ordered a regular Americano for $2.25 and Camilla an Iced Caramel Macchiato with Almond Milk for $5.25.
The price was average, and the service was good.
They were not rude, but not too friendly either.

Julia liked her coffee a lot, and said it was stronger than the Americano she has had before, which she liked.
She also liked that they had both soy and almond milk to choose from.
Camilla also enjoyed her coffee. The Caramel Macchiato was not as sweet as Starbucks, but it tasted much cleaner and healthier.
“If you like you Caramel Macchiato extra sweet maybe try adding some sugar.”
The Macchiato was also much stronger tasting that normal.

The bathroom facilities were spacious, clean and soft music was playing.
They had changing tables for people with kids.

The cafe experience was very pleasant, and we agreed we would both come back another time. Faubourg is a great place to meet up with friends, and a place where strong coffee is a given.



We hope you enjoyed our mini review, and hope you come back to read more coffee tasting reviews in the future!

Now a question for you.. “Which cafe should we go tasting coffee at next?”

Remember to always have faith in you!



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