Tasting Coffee at Ganache Patisserie

This week we went to Ganache Patisserie on 1262 Homer street, Yaletown.
The cafe is small, but with modern fixtures.
Light blue lamps are hanging from the ceiling, giving the cafe a retro feel, and matching perfectly with the flower wall at the back.
Framed Marvel posters are lined up on a shelf.
It would be the perfect place to bring your nerdy boyfriend?

Julia ordered her usual an Americano for $1.95 and Camilla a Cappuccino for $3.00.
This time we also ordered a pastry and a cake.
How could we resist, with all the cakes on display?
They had so many different cakes to choose from, so we had to ask for a recommendation. We decided to get the Tiramisu chocolate mousse cake, and a raspberry croissant.

We got complimentary chocolate with our coffee, and the tray our food arrived on made it all look more delicious!
We found out that they use Italian coffee beans to make their coffee, making the coffee less strong than French coffee.
Our coffee tasted just perfect. Not too strong or weak, I that makes sense?
Camilla’s Cappuccino had lots of foam, and Julia said that her Americano was just right.
The real treasure was eating our Tiramisu. The fork cut through the cake so softly, and the cake melted on our tongue.
We both agreed it was divine!



Pros : Fantastic cake, lovely space, good coffee, and everything is made in house.
You could order wedding-cakes and Birthday cakes, and to be honest you should.
They taste amazing!

Cons : They don’t serve any non-dairy milk.
We both loved Ganache Patisserie, and would come back for coffee and cake another time!


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