My Foe Leather Skirt

A black leather skirt (foe) is not everyone’s cup of tea.
I however think a black leather skirt can be classy and cool.
At heart I’m such a girly girl,
but I’m also a bit of a tom boy if that makes sense?
I think a foe leather skirt kinda embodies both aspects of my personality,
which makes me love it even more!

You might have noticed that I wear mostly basic clothing pieces.
They can be worn in many different ways and outfits.
It makes it easy to get dressed in the morning.
My foe leather skirt is one of my basics.

I also wore my white shirt with my tan knit.
I love my tan knit. You might have seen it in my first outfitpost?

What is one basic clothing piece you don’t want to live without?





Hope you have a great week, and remember to always have faith in you ❤



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