Over-the-Knee boots! Oh yes !

I’ve been wanting to wear tall boots since last year, but I was scared they would look weird on me. I used to go to the mall and look at them. I would never try them on.
This year I went to F21 with Camilla, and I saw these boots.
I tried them on without thinking about it, and I fell in love!

What I love about my tall boots:
– They make me feel confident
– They were not expensive
– They are warm and comfortable
– My legs looks longer and more slim

What I don’t like about my boots :
– I can’t wear them as much as I want, because I live in Raincouver.

I think these boots would look good paired with leggings, stockings, a knee length dress or a long sweater.
I’m wearing mine with a pair of black leggings, and a blouse that I got in Mexico.
To make this look more romantic, I wore my hair in a braid.

Let me know how you would style these boots down below !?

Hola ! Les queremos agradecer el que estén con nosotras a través de cada publicación .

Todo lo que hacemos siempre es pensando en ustedes . También para recordarles que pasen a visitarnos a nuestro canal en YouTube “Stylehue”.

Les deseamos que tengas un excelente día.







What I’m wearing : Leggings , Boots , Shirt(not the same, but same vibe)

Remember to always have faith in you ❤



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