Holiday Drinks at Blenz

We decided to try the Blenz Holiday drinks, since we tried Holiday drinks at Starbucks last week. We were happy to see that Blenz had 4 different Holiday drinks to choose from. We both wanted the Gingerbread latte.
Our second choice fell on the Tiramisu, white chocolate latte, it also comes with dark chocolate .

Gingerbread Latte :
We tested the Gingerbread latte first. We ordered it with soy milk.
To be honest the gingerbread latte tasted like hot water with honey and soy-milk.
We could not taste the gingerbread at all.
It was pretty disappointing.
We were so excited to try it, and it was not worth the money.

Tiramisu White Chocolate Latte:
Then we decided to try the tiramisu latte. It tasted many times better than the Gingerbread latte. It tasted like caramel and mocha. We could not taste the tiramisu much.
It was missing that coffee punch.

Our Final Thoughts :
– We did not like the gingerbread latte
– The tiramisu latte tasted so much better
If you are going to Blenz, we recommend getting the Regular White Hot Chocolate, which taste pretty amazing !!





Hope you all have a happy weekend, and remember to always have faith in you ❤



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