Denim Memories

My mom used to wear a lot of denim shirts.
She would follow me to kinder garden wearing denim shirts,
and I remember thinking how stylish and relaxed she looked,
and that one day I would have my own denim shirt.

Years later I have gone through my fair share of denim shirts,
but I think this one is my favorite.
“Maybe it’s because my sister bought it for me?”
“Maybe it’s because it has polka dots on it?”

With my denim shirt I wore my black pants. I think black pants looks good with any outfit,and I wear mine often. On my feet I wore my Reebok sneakers.
I bought them sometime during Summer, and I wear them almost everyday.
I like to walk a lot, so having good sneakers are important.
The fact that sneakers have become more and more popular, fits me perfectly.
Lastly I wore my gold and green statement necklace to make my outfit less causal and more interesting.

// Så lenge jeg kan huske har jeg likt dongri skjorter.
Min mor brukte dem mye når jeg var liten, og jeg syntes hun kledde dem godt.
Jeg har derfor alltid hatt et spesielt forhold til dongriskjorter, fordi dem minnet meg om min mor.
Dongri skjorten jeg har på meg nå er min favoritt!
Kanskje fordi min søster gav dem til meg i julegave sist år?
Jeg stylet dem med svarte bukser, svarte joggesko, og et grønt og gull smykke som blikkfang.\\

Denim shirts, yay or nay ?






What I’m wearing : Denim shirt(similar),Pants ,Reebok (similar), necklace(similar)

Remember to always have faith in you ❤



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