Love my basic T-shirt .

The tee I’m wearing in today’s post, I used to wear a lot when I attended University, so it brings me a lot of great memories.
Both me and Camilla agreed that taking pictures today went much better than before.
We had such a marvelous day. The weather was nice, we were more relaxed and we both really loved the location.

I was also wearing a long grey cardigan.
My outfit today is pretty basic, but in my opinion having basic clothing pieces makes it easier to get dressed, and something that every woman should have in their wardrobe.
I’m wearing my over the knee boots again,
because they dress up this basic outfit,
making it less basic.
If you know what I mean?
I also wore my cotton leggings to keep warm.

My hairstyle consists of braids. I’m a huge fan of braids.
My mom showed me how to braid, and it’s therefor more special to me.
This time I made one braid on each side of my head, and a bun in the back.
I hope you like it?

And please let me know in the comments, what’s your favorite basic clothing piece?

//Hola a todas aquellos que dedican un poco de su tiempo para echarle un vistazo a nuestro blog. “Muchas gracias”!.

Comparte con nosotras dos de los básicos que tienes en tu closet y que siempre te sacan de cualquier aprieto.

También para recoradarte que nos pueden encontrar a “Stylehue” en instagram y en YouTube.

Ten un excelente dia !. STYLEHUE.//









Remember to always have faith in you ❤


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