Thank you

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to tell you how grateful we are that you stopped by our blog.
It means a lot ! We feel so lucky to have you!

We hope you realize how special each and every one of you are,
and the power you have inside to make your dreams come true.
Put your dreams to paper, write down steps on how to reach your dreams, and work hard to reach them.

We also thought we would put a short recap of our outfits since we started our blog.

Which looks are you favorite ?

 Julia’s Outfits

Camilla’s Outfits 

We hope you got some inspiration from this blogpost, and that you have a happy week.


Remember to always have faith in you ❤


17 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. What a sweet sentiment! Following dreams can be a challenge. Making a list is great advice! As for the outfits, I’m a fan of Julia’s #5 – gorgeous colorblocking – and Camilla’s #6 – a wardrobe staple!! Keep it going ladies. (:

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