Old booties !

Wearing my oldest pair of booties.
I got them in Mexico from my hometown.
They were at such a reasonable price, and I love how comfortable they are.
I feel so bummed that they have a hole in them, after wearing them so often.

But who does not have old shoes that they still wear?

I’m wearing a white tee, my foe leather jacket and a long black vest. For some color, I wore a red scarf, I borrowed from Camilla.
I’m also wearing leggings. You might know that I’m a huge fan of leggings, especially if they are cotton ?
I like wearing thick cotton leggings in the winter.

Then of course I’m also wearing my old booties, that I told you about in the beginning of this blogpost.
They used to be brown, but now they are more a sandy shade.
I guess cause they are my favorite!

Please let me know what’s your favorite shoe on Instagram by using the hashtag #faveshoestylehue

We would love to know ! 🙂

//Hola !

Una vez mas es un placer el poder saludarlte y estar con contigo una vez más.

Y ademas de decearte que tengan un maravillo día, queremos que sean parte de nuestro día y por ello le pedimos que compartan con nosotros una foto de un par de zapatos que sean sus favoritos pero eso tiene que ser los que mas usen.

Lo pueden hacer aquí en la cajita de los comentarios o en nuestro Instagram con le hashtag #myoldfavechoose .

Siempre recuerden tener fé en ustedes mismos. Love STYLEHUE.








What I ‘m wearing: Old Navy booties (similar), Forever 21 Scarf (similar), Winners store legginess , Black Vest and faux fur jacket  .


Remember to always have faith in you ❤


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