Sunday Outfit

julia1In today’s outfit, I tried a different look by wearing my berry colored top.
This is not my favorite color to wear, but I like the style of it and my mom bought it for me. The top is two sizes too big, but I just wear a tank top under.

I’m wearing my favorite black boots, which you have seen in most of my outfits before.
I can’t live without them!
I’m wearing my leggings again. These I got from Top Shop.
They have the most comfortable leggings, and I can wear them almost any season of the year.

I hope you like today’s outfit and I look forward to hear you comments 🙂


Mi outfit de hoy es totalmente relajado y super comodo.
Como ya les había mencionado antes mis botines negros son mis favoritos y van conmigo a todas partes. Sin ellos muero!.
Yo no suelo usar color guinda , pero esta ocaión es una excepción.
Esta blusa es muy especial por que mi madre me regalo . Mi mamá un a de las personas que lo da todo sin importar que ella se quede sin nada. Es por eso que siempre aprecio lo que ella me da.
Espero que les haya gustado este outfit.

Les deseamos un hermoso día.
Recuerda siempre tener fé en ti misma! ❤







Remember to always have faith in you ❤


25 thoughts on “Sunday Outfit

    1. Thank you so much Adri 🙂 Yeah I’m such a loyal person to shoes when I really love them 🙂 Basic shoes just never goes out of style, and I’m sure your taupe shoes goes with everything too 🙂


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