How I style my Basics

Every girl should have some basic pieces in their wardrobe.
It makes getting dressed so much easier!

Today’s outfit, is put together by some of my favorite basic
items. A white shirt, black pants and a knit sweater.
I love all these basic items, because I can make so many
different looks by wearing them.
I feel a knit sweater over a white shirt, gives off a casual look,
and as you guys know I’m all about the casual everyday look.

Which of these basics do you wear the most?border2En hver jente bør ha basis plagg i garderoben sin.
Det er så mye enklere å kle seg om man har noen.
I dag har jeg på meg mange av mine basis plagg.
Ei hvit skjorte, svarte bukser og en strikka genser.
Når jeg styler den hvite skjorten med en strikket genser over,
så gir det et veldig avslappet antrekk.

Hvilke av disse basis plaggene bruker du mest?
What I’m wearing: White shirt (similar), Black pants, Knit (similar style), Shoes (similar style)

Remember to always have faith in you ❤


24 thoughts on “How I style my Basics

    1. Thank you so much Alice ❤ I always wanted these kinds of shoes, so I was so lucky when my brothers girlfriend gave me these. She bought them but never wore them :p


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