Wearing my white shirt again. I love a white shirt look.
It’s clean and classy.

I’ve had this shirt for about 4-5 years now .
I got it on sale, but it was never in style, so I would usually wear it under a sweater.
Now that ruffles are in trend, I thought I would wear it as is.

I feel like a classy pirate in this shirt.
Fun Fact: One of my favorite movies growing up was Peter Pan.
I was fascinated by that world, and I never wanted to grow up.
I wanted to be Wendy, and have Peter as my boyfriend.

“Did anyone else have a crush on Peter Pan growing up?”border2Har på meg den hvite skjorten min igjen. Jeg elsker den.
Jeg har hatt den i 4-5 år nå. Jeg kjøpte den på salg, og bruker den mest under en genser.

Jeg føler meg som en pyntet pirat i denne skjorten.
Fun Fact: En av favoritt filmene mine når jeg var liten var Peter Pan.
Jeg var veldig fasinert av pirater og den verdenen.
Jeg hadde lyst å være Wendy og ha Peter som kjæreste.
”Var noen av dere litt små forelsket i Peter Pan når dere vokste opp?”
ca5What I’m wearing: Shirt (Similar), Pants (Similar), Cardigan (Similar), Shoes,


Remember to always have faith in you ❤


31 thoughts on “Ruffles

    1. Thank you Pisa 🙂 I don’t wear the shirt too often because of the cut, but I was it on cold in one of those washing bags. I was so lucky to find the boots for such a nice price.
      Hope you have a great week !

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