Homemade Iced Caramel Coffee

I don’t think it’s a secret that we both love coffee.
So I thought I would tell you how I make my ice coffee at home.
It’s pretty simple.

I mix vanilla almond milk, some maple syrup and 1-2 shots of coffee in my blender with some ice.
I like to use maple syrup since it gives my coffee a caramel taste.

“How do you make coffee?”coffee1
coffeeb1Hope you have a wonderful week !!

Remember to always have faith in you ❤


Tim Hortons Holiday Drinks

This time we went to Tim Hortons to try the Holiday Drinks on Robson and Bute.
We could choose between Sugar Cookie White hot Chocolate and Sugar cookie Latte.

As we were ordering, we took a picture of the board with the drink on them, and a lady from the back came in, and said we were not allowed to take pictures.
So we told her “oh we did not know” and we put our phone away.
She said everyone knows that, and then she said some “not so nice things” in another language, thinking we would not understand.

We did however understand what she was saying, and we thought it was very unprofessional.
We did not say anything, but she left us not wanting to come back.

What we thought of Sugar Cookie White Hot Chocolate :
It tasted very sweet, like melted white chocolate with a marshmallow after taste.
We thought it tasted like Christmas in a cup! Delicious!

What we thought of Sugar Cookie Latte:
It tasted like a medium roasted latte, but much sweeter and with sprinkles.
It was very creamy, and pretty delicious, but not as delicious as the Sugar Cookie White Hot Chocolate.
Conclusion :
We both liked our drinks very much. The only downside was the service, and the lack of non-dairy milk.
We would recommend going to another Tim Hortons instead of the one we went to 🙂



Holiday Drinks at Blenz

We decided to try the Blenz Holiday drinks, since we tried Holiday drinks at Starbucks last week. We were happy to see that Blenz had 4 different Holiday drinks to choose from. We both wanted the Gingerbread latte.
Our second choice fell on the Tiramisu, white chocolate latte, it also comes with dark chocolate .

Gingerbread Latte :
We tested the Gingerbread latte first. We ordered it with soy milk.
To be honest the gingerbread latte tasted like hot water with honey and soy-milk.
We could not taste the gingerbread at all.
It was pretty disappointing.
We were so excited to try it, and it was not worth the money.

Tiramisu White Chocolate Latte:
Then we decided to try the tiramisu latte. It tasted many times better than the Gingerbread latte. It tasted like caramel and mocha. We could not taste the tiramisu much.
It was missing that coffee punch.

Our Final Thoughts :
– We did not like the gingerbread latte
– The tiramisu latte tasted so much better
If you are going to Blenz, we recommend getting the Regular White Hot Chocolate, which taste pretty amazing !!





Hope you all have a happy weekend, and remember to always have faith in you ❤


Starbucks Holiday Drinks

We tested two Holiday drinks at Starbucks.
Julia got Eggnog Latte, while Camilla got Chestnut Praline Latte.
We had never tried either, and we were both excited!
We got our drinks to go, so that we could share, and do a taste test at home.
The Eggnog Latte tasted like eggnog but with less egg taste, which is a good thing.
Julia had never had eggnog, and thought it tasted like caramel.
We both agreed that it had the perfect amount of flavor.
Not to sweet, but with a hint of coffee.
It almost tasted like it had alcohol in it like real eggnog.

The Chestnut Praline Latte, tasted like hot chocolate with a nutty undertone.
Julia thought it tasted like Tim Hortons hot chocolate.
It did not have much of a coffee taste to it, but it was delicious and perfect for someone who does not really like coffee.
It’s funny how much we ended up loving our Starbucks drinks, because we both thought we would hate them.
We both thought they would be too sugary, and we were wrong.
We also thought the two drinks complimented each other nicely, and should be had together.

Julia said that the next time she goes to Starbucks, she is going to have her boyfriend order the Chestnut Praline Latte, while she orders the Eggnog, and Camilla agreed that she would do the same with her boyfriend!
If you have a friend our boyfriend we recommenced you buy one each and share them 🙂
That’s what we are planning on doing in the future.

What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?


// Vi var enig om at begge drikkene fra Starbucks var kjempe gode, og at de passer godt å drikke sammen. Så neste gang vi går dit med kjærestens våre, kommer vi til å la dem bestille eggnog latte, mens vi bestiller chestnut praline latte slik at vi kan dele 🙂 Håper dere får ei fin helg !

Hvilken drikk liker du best fra Starbucks?



Remember to always have faith in you ❤


Tasting Coffee – Thierry

This week we tried coffee at Thierry. It’s located at 1059 Alberni St.
Nearby are restaurants, shops and parking.

Thierry’s interior consists of wood and steel, giving it a mixture of old fashion and modern style.When you first walk in you will notice a circled table filled with treats. Caramels, chocolate and cookies. It’s like being inside a candy store for adults!
The music playing is loud, so after ordering we decided to sit on their outside patio.

We ordered macaroons, because Thierry is famous for them!
We also got some sugar cookies, an Americano and a latte with caramel and soy milk.
Can you guess who ordered what?

It was pretty expensive, but that is probably because we ordered macaroons and cookies.
Our coffee came in small cups, but then again they were super strong!
The strongest coffee we have had so far.
The cookies were too sugary for us.
However the macaroons tasted amazing!!!!
To be honest they are the best macaroons we have ever tried!coffee6
Pros : Amazing Macaroons
Cons : Too loud music, and too strong coffee, but that may be the true French way?
We could not finish our coffees, but we agreed that we would come back for the macaroons anyday:)

If strong coffee is your thing, you will love Thierry.
If macaroons are you thing you will love Thierry even more!

smalllogo ❤

Tasting Coffee at Ganache Patisserie

This week we went to Ganache Patisserie on 1262 Homer street, Yaletown.
The cafe is small, but with modern fixtures.
Light blue lamps are hanging from the ceiling, giving the cafe a retro feel, and matching perfectly with the flower wall at the back.
Framed Marvel posters are lined up on a shelf.
It would be the perfect place to bring your nerdy boyfriend?

Julia ordered her usual an Americano for $1.95 and Camilla a Cappuccino for $3.00.
This time we also ordered a pastry and a cake.
How could we resist, with all the cakes on display?
They had so many different cakes to choose from, so we had to ask for a recommendation. We decided to get the Tiramisu chocolate mousse cake, and a raspberry croissant.

We got complimentary chocolate with our coffee, and the tray our food arrived on made it all look more delicious!
We found out that they use Italian coffee beans to make their coffee, making the coffee less strong than French coffee.
Our coffee tasted just perfect. Not too strong or weak, I that makes sense?
Camilla’s Cappuccino had lots of foam, and Julia said that her Americano was just right.
The real treasure was eating our Tiramisu. The fork cut through the cake so softly, and the cake melted on our tongue.
We both agreed it was divine!



Pros : Fantastic cake, lovely space, good coffee, and everything is made in house.
You could order wedding-cakes and Birthday cakes, and to be honest you should.
They taste amazing!

Cons : They don’t serve any non-dairy milk.
We both loved Ganache Patisserie, and would come back for coffee and cake another time!

Tasting Coffee in Vancouver at Faubourg

Today we did our first Tasting Coffee in Vancouver.
We found a cute French cafe that we wanted to try out on
Robson and Homer called Faubourg.
The location is central right across from the Art Gallery,
and the train station is close by.

We were surprised at how open and spacious the cafe was.
They had a lot of seating areas inside, and a nice balcony with seating outside.
Chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling, and with the marble tables, it gave the place a modern and romantic look.
The black and white pictures added an old fashion feel.
We saw friends having coffee and business people having meetings.


Julia ordered a regular Americano for $2.25 and Camilla an Iced Caramel Macchiato with Almond Milk for $5.25.
The price was average, and the service was good.
They were not rude, but not too friendly either.

Julia liked her coffee a lot, and said it was stronger than the Americano she has had before, which she liked.
She also liked that they had both soy and almond milk to choose from.
Camilla also enjoyed her coffee. The Caramel Macchiato was not as sweet as Starbucks, but it tasted much cleaner and healthier.
“If you like you Caramel Macchiato extra sweet maybe try adding some sugar.”
The Macchiato was also much stronger tasting that normal.

The bathroom facilities were spacious, clean and soft music was playing.
They had changing tables for people with kids.

The cafe experience was very pleasant, and we agreed we would both come back another time. Faubourg is a great place to meet up with friends, and a place where strong coffee is a given.



We hope you enjoyed our mini review, and hope you come back to read more coffee tasting reviews in the future!

Now a question for you.. “Which cafe should we go tasting coffee at next?”

Remember to always have faith in you!