My Grey Spring Jacket

p1Happy Hump-day everyone,

As I’m writing this my grey jacket is hanging by it’s last button. Literally.
All the other buttons have fallen off. One by one.
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Happy Valentine’s Day !

Hello girls !
Camilla and Julia  hope you have a great a Valentine’s Day!


Feliz dia del amor y la amistad !

Camilla y Julia les desean que tengan un hermoso día.



Remember have always faith in you !.

Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone,
I was inspired by all the Valentines day tutorials on YouTube, that I decided to come up with my own look. This is the makeup-look I would wear for Valentines Day.
It’s more bright than I would normal wear, but why not go all out on Vday and have some fun?

Hope you all have a happy weekend ❤


Remember to always have faith in you ❤


We made a new lookbook.
This lookbook is not so much about the clothes and style,
but more about graphics and having fun editing.
We hope you like and share it with your friends 🙂

Have a great week everyone!


Remember to always have faith in you ❤