Black boots Again!

For this fall outfit I choose to wear my favourite brown & black vest.
This vest is special to me, because my friend back in Mexico gave it to me.
I look forward to every single fall so that I can wear it!

I’m also wearing my denim shirt, and to be honest I have two denim shirts in different styles. I got them for under 7 bucks. How cool is that ?

For my hair, I made a quick and easy top knot.
I’m wearing these cool Armani jeans that I got 3 years ago for 70% off.
They are old, but I still love them.

On my feet I’m wearing my black boots.
I got them at OLD NAVY for 23 bucks.
They look stylish and I can walk in them for hours!
As an extra addiction I matched my outfit with my brown Guess bag.
That bag goes with everything.

So tell me what Item in your wardrobe do you value the most ? And Why?

Remember have always faith in you !









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