Tasting Coffee – Thierry

This week we tried coffee at Thierry. It’s located at 1059 Alberni St.
Nearby are restaurants, shops and parking.

Thierry’s interior consists of wood and steel, giving it a mixture of old fashion and modern style.When you first walk in you will notice a circled table filled with treats. Caramels, chocolate and cookies. It’s like being inside a candy store for adults!
The music playing is loud, so after ordering we decided to sit on their outside patio.

We ordered macaroons, because Thierry is famous for them!
We also got some sugar cookies, an Americano and a latte with caramel and soy milk.
Can you guess who ordered what?

It was pretty expensive, but that is probably because we ordered macaroons and cookies.
Our coffee came in small cups, but then again they were super strong!
The strongest coffee we have had so far.
The cookies were too sugary for us.
However the macaroons tasted amazing!!!!
To be honest they are the best macaroons we have ever tried!coffee6
Pros : Amazing Macaroons
Cons : Too loud music, and too strong coffee, but that may be the true French way?
We could not finish our coffees, but we agreed that we would come back for the macaroons anyday:)

If strong coffee is your thing, you will love Thierry.
If macaroons are you thing you will love Thierry even more!

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