How I style my leather leggings!.

Hello everyone!.

I would like to say thank you to Luiza, who suggested; how I should style
my pink tee, in my previous post“My light Pink Tee”, Wearing the pink tee with the leather, black boots or sneakers.
So guess what Luiza, it worked really well! I hope you like it. 🙂
I just decided to add an extra touch with my ponytail, and my leather jacket.

En este post quiero agradecer a Luiza por recomendarme esta fanulosa idea de como combinar mi blusa rosa, locual fue todo un exito. Muchas gracias Luiza!.
Para tener un extra mas toque extra chic , decidí hacer un cola de caballo tejida y  my chamarra negra.





What I’m wearing: Light Pink Tee  (similar), Wet look Leggings, Jacket (similar).


Remember to always have faith in You  


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